Due for release 31st May 2019 on Kscope


Kscope are extremely proud to announce the release of the debut solo album from talented musician & songwriter Daniel Tompkins. His new solo album, entitled Castles, is due for release on 31st May.

Daniel Tompkins, already part of the Kscope family as the vocalist in TesseracT, comments on signing to Kscope as a solo artist “I’m ecstatic to have the backing of Kscope. They believe in what I’m producing and wish to support me as I freely express myself as a solo artist. I cannot thank them enough”

Within Castles, the listener will explore an album inspired by the arc of relationships – tragic mistakes, misjudgements of character and victorious, passionate love.

Daniel expands on this theme “Everyone has experiences that are relatable to one another in their romantic relationships. We make huge investments of trust and care and commitment into one another and sometimes they simply fail. In fact, most fail. That said, some survive, thrive and create incredible lifelong partnerships or at least important, long lasting love. But sometimes, we make massive misjudgements of character and the true nature of someone is always revealed over time. Sometimes tragic mistakes, physical or mental abuse, compulsion or addiction are an issue and create irreparable harm to relationships and lives, no matter how in love two people may be. This is the area where the most tragic outcomes occur. The album is somewhat cathartic lyrically but in other areas it explores amazing, victorious, passionate love. A lot of this story is told from the perspective of someone seeking that perfect partnership and the ultimate fulfilment of finding it.”

This emotionally charged album theme is showcased in the first single & video, directed by Blacktide Productions, to be taken from Castles, “Saved”, which features Acle Kahney (TesseracT).


Castles, was written & engineered by Tompkins alongside US producer Eddie Head (Haji’s Kitchen) and recorded at both the UK’s Celestial Sound Studio (Vocals) & The Color And The Sound Studios (Music) in the US, with mastering by Acle Kahney at 4D Sounds; together they created the dynamic realisation of Tompkins’ expansive ability and taste: pulsating synths, beautiful keyboard lines, powerful electric guitars, heavy crash cymbals, and both skittering and forceful beats. The space created by the production allows Daniel’s voice to switch skilfully from tender and introspective to soaring emotion in a blend of pop-rock-electronic sounds that engages his eclectic audience. The result is a masterclass in tension and release.

This 13 track album features six alternative versions, which feature special guests Acle Kahney (TesseracT), Grammy-nominated Randy Slaugh (Periphery, Architects, Devin Townsend), Paul Ortiz (Zeta, Chimpspanner) and producer Dmitry Stepanov. With the stunning artwork created by Ani Artworks (

A diverse vocalist, Tompkins has established himself as a highly respected artist with a dedicated worldwide fanbase garnered from his work with the global progressive metal sensations TesseracT and Skyharbor, the experimental pop oriented White Moth Black Butterfly, which recently included a collaboration with percussive guitarist Jon Gomm, and the rise of his more accessible solo material.

(Photo credit: Steve Brown )

In creating Castles Tompkins found the freedom to truly express his originality and artistry, he explains “I have directed and produced every aspect of the project. It’s been an extremely liberating project to have full control and essentially redesign my image and approach to music creation. This feels like a new start as an artist and the most excited I have personally been so far throughout my career”

Castles will be released on CD, LP (180g black vinyl) and digital (pre-orders receive “Saved feat. Acle Kahney” as an instant download) PRE-ORDERS AVAILABLE HERE

1. Saved [04:19]

2. Black The Sun [05:56]

3. Castles [05:08]

4. Kiss [04:41]

5. Limitless [04:30]

6. Cinders [05:49]

7. Telegraph [04:36]

8. Black The Sun (Head Rework) [05:37]

9. Limitless (feat. Dmitry Stepanov) [04:51]

10. Kiss (feat. Randy Slaugh) [04:12]

11. Saved (feat. Acle Kahney) [03:36]

12. Saved (feat. Paul Ortiz) [03:50]

13. Saved (feat. Randy Slaugh) [03:33]


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The video was directed by Kyle Kadow and Steven Cleavland and filmed in Wisconsin in the aftermath of a brutal storm.

Bassist Amos Williams says: “We have been very lucky to work with two cinematographers of such vision and quality as Kyle and Steven. We gave them free reign with the creation of the first story board.

“They chose to explore the theme of claustrophobia and how fear can control our lives. Using a luminary figure as a beacon of hope and escape for the characters.”

As for the concept behind King, vocalist and lyricist Daniel Tompkins says: “Far too often we find ourselves lead into conflict and inner turmoil.

“Life is surely a battle, history has a bad habit of repeating itself and when living with the constraints of an onerous life, it’s easy to overlook the greatest gift we’ve ever received – life itself.”

Sonder will be released on CD, LP, clear vinyl, picture disc and via digital platforms, while a 2CD version will come with a binaural album bonus disc, which will provide a 360-listening experience specifically designed for headphones.

Sonder is now available for pre-order – CLICK HERE

Tesseract have live dates scheduled in North America and Europe throughout 2018 – CLICK HERE


You died within me //
The boatmen came to sail me down the river /
Bind me up with visions of a blind man //
I operate this way /
Turn nothing into gold //
Death on such an ugly day /
You dine like a king on top of the world •
You show us all //
That forgiveness is the weakest call /
And now revenge //
Against that grudge inside your tiny head /
Remove the crown of absolution //
Let the retribution fly /
The king has all the king has all //
But words can kill and maim and take their toll /
And you massacre my dreams at night //
And eat away at every thought /
Until we take control //
The king has all totalitarian and carnivore •
Bow down submit to me and kiss the ground //
Until it’s safe to breathe and coexist again /
Bow down submit to me and kiss the ground //
Until it’s safe to live and coexist again •
They’re taking away the freedom to be just you //
They’re taking away the freedom to be just you /
They’re taking away the freedom to be just you //
They’re taking away the freedom to be just you /
But the sun always shines for you //
They’re taking away the freedom to be just you •
You’d kill to find me //
But the crown above my head is deadly •
They’re taking away the freedom to be just you //
They’re taking away the freedom to be just you /



New studio album Sonder coming 20th April 2018+video for new single “Luminary”+North America Tour for April & May

TesseracT, a band that sit outside the bounds of any genre specificity, pioneers of the ever-evolving metal scene and unstoppable force of off-kilter riffs, soaring melodies and disorientating atmospherics release their fourth studio album Sonder on April 20th 2018 through Kscope.

Sonder adds significant firepower to the band’s arsenal, blending the harsh abrasiveness of One (2011) and progressive ethereal elements of Altered State (2013) with the accessibility of Polaris (2015). Sonder is streamlined, honest and direct with all the trademark TesseracT dreamy atmospherics and bending grooves. Sonder was recorded in the UK at 4D Sounds, Celestial Sounds and Project Studios, engineered by the band and Aiden O’Brien with mastering by Acle Kahney, and cover artwork designed by Amos Williams.

Listen to the new single “Luminary” above, described by vocalist Daniel Tompkins as “conceptually exploring a deep and devouring sense of insignificance, which ties into the overall theme and meaning behind ‘Sonder’”. Also featured is an extended and re-worked version of last summer’s single “Smile”.

Sonder will be released on CD / 2CD – featuring binaural album bonus disc / black LP / Crystal Clear vinyl LP / picture disc (exclusive to the band’s webstores) and digitally (with digital album pre-order receiving “Luminary” as an instant download) and is available to PRE-ORDER HERE.

For audiophiles, TesseracT have produced a binaural version which will be available exclusively as part of the 2CD version, this version is a 360-listening experience designed by Klang: Fabrik for headphones listening Amos Williams explains more “the concept is to push past the restrictions of a stereo headphone mix and create an accurate ‘3D’ space in which positioning outside of the normal Left Right axis can occur. This is something that every artist that uses in ear monitors on stage wishes to recreate; the real and accurate positioning of instruments. We immediately felt that this technology could be applicable to us in the studio. TesseracT loves to bring what it does in the studio to the stage, but this time it’s experimenting with bringing a live element to the studio.”


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