White Moth Black Butterfly release brand new video single ‘Certainty’ along with new merch pre-orders. The single can be downloaded here! Video directed and produced by Stewart King Media



White Moth Black Butterfly (WMBB) is the ‘experimental’ creation of UK singer / songwriter Daniel Tompkins (In Colour, Skyharbor, Ex-TesseracT) With influences stemming from the likes of Massive Attack, Enigma, and Sigur Ros, this new musical endeavor of Dan’s is to be taken live following the release of the debut album ‘One Thousand Wings’ in November. The live line-up will consist of Keshav Dhar (Guitars, electronics) Chris Haywood (Bass/Contrabass) Ben Ansaldo (Drums) and Dan (Vocals). The project offers endless unique line-ups in the live arena, and will hopefully be a USP for the band when it comes to touring in various territories, allowing for different musicians to contribute something exceptional to the live performance.


Within ‘One Thousand Wings’, Dan’s songwriting abilities, accompanied with contributions from Acle Kahney (TesseracT), Keshav Dhar (Skyharbor), and Ben Ansaldo emanate huge cinematic soundscapes, juxtaposed with classically and electronically vibed songs, nested with powerful vocals that are quite comparative to that of his other projects.


The album has guest appearances from Hayley Martin of ‘Shadowboxer’, singer/songwriter Jordan Bethany and Kevin Albis.




Unlike the technical one-upmanship and solid low-end groove that shroud Tompkins’ metal outings, White Moth Black Butterfly strips down the man’s songwriting to its most visceral form yet. The leftfield ambient project also features some of the most eminent musicians to have grazed his vocal prowess, and for all their grandiose instrumentation and spectral soundscaping on record, their aural synapse in the live domain is definitely something to look forward to – Vh1



Incredibly proud to announce that Skyharbor has just won the following EIGHT awards at this years Rolling Stone India metal awards ceremony in Mumbai! Thank you to everyone that voted and also to this year’s panel of judges, which included members of Karnivool, The Black Dahlia Murder and many more.


– Band of the year (Critics choice) – Skyharbor
– Best Album (Critics choice) – Blinding White Noise
– Best Song (Critics choice) – Dots
– Band of the year (Popular choice) – Skyharbor
– Album of the year (Popular choice) – Blinding White Noise
– Song of the year (Popular choice) – Dots
– Best guitarist – Keshav Dhar – Skyharbor
– Best Bassist – Nikhil Rufus Raj – Skyharbor


A huge thanks to all of you that has supported the project this far. We’re geared up to make the next album a huge step up and solidify the bands sound. For such a young act we’re obviously over the moon with the amount of love you all show. We hope to see you on tour soon.


Rolling Stone Metal Awards 2013



After months of constant blood, sweat and tears behind the scenes and in the studio things are FINALLY taking shape starting with a brand new website! Have a look around and get familiar! Eventually the merchandise section will include an array of personalised ‘ROCKWITHDAN’ Tee’s and other goodies but please bear with us on that front, these things take time! will now be Daniel’s new home and one-stop shop! Please remember to subscribe to the mailing list!!


So what’s happening? Well…Daniel is currently balancing his time between ‘In Colour’, ‘Skyharbor’ and ‘White Moth Black Butterfly’, maintaining his busy schedule as a vocal coach and now offering a unique vocal mixing and production service for bands and artists alike.


In Colour are in the final stages of preparing the project for the mainstream! The band will soon be touring and releasing music have no fear! But in the meantime you can enjoy the first official music video for ‘Listen For The Rain’ below and also catch them headlining this years ‘Affinity Festival’ on 3rd August!



Daniel is also writing and tracking vocals for the next Skyharbor record and hopes to be on the road with the band very soon! They will be making an exclusive UK appearance at this year’s ‘UK Tech Metal Festival’ as main support to ‘Veil of Maya’ on Saturday the 13th July! Currently in talks with managers and agents Skyharbor hope to show a real presence in the prog rock / metal scene very soon!






Finally, Daniel is in the concluding few weeks of writing and recording the debut ‘White Moth Black Butterfly’ record entitled ‘One Thousand Wings’, co-produced by ‘Keshav Dhar’ of Skyharbor. With a host of music videos and the 12 track album close to being finished, people should expect to see Daniel living and performing well outside the box with this leftfield release. Full of cinematic soundscapes and powerful vocal performances Daniel holds this as one of his greatest creations to date. You can see the introductory video for ‘Reluctance’ below! Stay in touch and as always please continue to show your valued support!